2017 Media Round Up

Our Director Prof Antonella Sorace and Co-director Dr Thomas Bak were in the media throughout 2017 giving their expert opinions on all things bilingual. Some of the highlights are listed together here.

You can read all about Thomas Bak’s research showing how learning a language can stave off the threat of dementia in The Times from April or October last year, and also in the Swindon Advertiser. Or you could listen to him on this topic in the HearSay radio programme from August.

Thomas was also one of the language experts who responded to a Guardian article in August that had suggested English speakers have no need to learn languages – read all about it here.

At Easter time last year, Antonella received a lot of media coverage, including in the Daily Mail, for her contribution to a Heathrow Airport campaign encouraging children to learn languages. She also contributed to the fascinating BBC Radio 4 programme, Speaking in Smaller Tongues, in July last year.

For those of you with language (or Google Translate) skills, Antonella had articles in major Italian publications, Sette and Repubblica, as well as in the Romanian magazine Contemporanul. You can read a great interview with her in the online publication The Science Newspaper from September, and read her opinion on the importance of minority languages and plans to revive Welsh in an iNews article from December.

Finally, both Antonella and Thomas took to Twitter in August 2017 to answer questions directly from the public in a special one hour Q & A session. Read all the questions and answers on Storify.

Antonella and Thomas at their Twitter Q & A Session in August