Research participants wanted: Italian-English bilinguals

Scientists working on the EU funded AThEME project are looking to recruit Italian-English bilingual adults for their research into how people process multiple languages.

Participant requirements

  • native speakers of Italian (i.e., since you were born)
  • have lived in Scotland or other English speaking country for at least the past three years
  • aged between 18 – 40 inclusive
  • have no history of hearing or language impairment
  • do not wear contact lenses. If you wear glasses, please specify what type of lenses you use in your contact e-mail.

Take part in the study

In this experiment, participants will take part an eye-tracking experiment at the computer (a small camera will measure your eye movements as you look at the screen), together with a test and a questionnaire.

Testing takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and takes place at the University of Edinburgh’s Psychology Building (7 George Square, central campus).

Participants will be paid £12 (cash payment) in return for contributing to this research.

Testing will take place throughout February. For further information or to register your interest in taking part, please contact lead researcher Michela Bonfieni