An article in L’Unione Sarda (1)

La diversità linguistica in Europa e in Sardegna

“E’ questo il tema dei lavori della Conferenza regionale della lingua sarda, in programma a Macomer dal 28 al 30 novembre. Un confronto con le realtà italiane e del Vecchio Continente. Previsti i dibattiti aperti al pubblico.

CAGLIARI, 26 NOVEMBRE 2008 – Il 28 novembre a Macomer prende avvio la Conferenza regionale della lingua sarda, che quest’anno avrà come tema “La diversità linguistica in Europa, Italia e Sardegna”. A partire dalle 9.30, nella sala riunioni del padiglione Castagna (via Ariosto 11), cominceranno i lavori dell’assise alla presenza delle autorità regionali e locali.”

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In TES Magazine (1)

For the love of languages

“Edinburgh University has launched Bilingualism Matters, a free and online advice service for parents on the advantages of children learning multiple languages. It also addresses potential difficulties and common concerns, such as the impact on achievement at school. […]”

© TES, 17 October 2008

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Bilingualism Matters in The Journal

University to support bilingualism in education

University of Edinburgh unveils advice service on how to encourage learning languages from a young age

By Elisabeth Evans

“The University of Edinburgh has launched a new scheme to raise awareness the benefits for children with two languages.

Bilingualism Matters is a one-stop shop for families looking for information and advice on using multiple languages in everyday life, along with its challenges and benefits. […]”

© The Journal, 13 October 2008

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Launch reported by the RSA

“On 29 September 2008, RSA Scotland supported the launch of Bilingualism Matters, an advisory service for bilingual families based upon current language research.   The service, conceived by Professor Antonella Sorace FRSA, aims to bridge the gap between researchers and the community and, in particular, bilingual families, educators and policy makers in order to enable more and more children to benefit from bilingualism…”

In University of Edinburgh’s eBulletin

The University is to offer new bilingualism service

“The University is launching a new service that will offer advice and information for the educators and parents of bilingual children.

Bilingualism Matters will use the latest language research to tackle issues or questions that parents or teachers may have. Antonella Sorace, Professor of Developmental Linguistics, who heads up the service, hopes it will raise awareness in schools and communities, as well as ease possible anxiety among parents.”

© eBulletin, University of Edinburgh, 28 September 2008

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In BBC News online

‘Two languages’ call for children

Children brought up speaking two languages benefit intellectually

“Ministers are being urged to do more to encourage children to speak two languages from a young age.
Edinburgh University and the Royal Society of Arts say research points to bilingual children being better at learning a wide range of subjects. […]”

© BBC, 21 February 2007

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