Bilingualism Matters International Meeting on 15 November 2017

Members of Bilingualism Matters branches from around the world came together recently in Barcelona for a meeting to discuss how we can better work together, sharing expertise and resources to empower individuals, communities and policy makers to make informed decisions about bilingualism and language learning. Although each branch is unique in the challenges faced within their individual country and community, there are many common themes, and we are making plans to move forward more effectively as a network.

A large part of the discussion was also around how we work with the European project AThEME to translate research results into concrete messages and policy recommendations, and communicate them within our respective areas. Over 60 researchers in 8 countries have been studying multilingualism in Europe on four themes: minority languages, heritage languages, communicative impairment and ‘being multilingual’. Bilingualism Matters is a dissemination partner in the project, with eight national AThEME-funded branches.

You can find out more about all of our branches and find links to their own webpages and social media accounts here. And you can see photos from the meeting on our Facebook album.