Bilingualism Matters Network Dissemination Meeting in Trento, September 2016



On the 13th and 14th of September 2016, researchers from Bilingualism Matters branches around the world came together in Trento, Italy, for the dissemination network meeting ‘Engaging in research on bilingualism’.

The meeting was a great opportunity to share research findings, discuss case studies and find out how other branches approach their work in the field of bilingualism across diverse settings.

The programme gives details of the proceedings across the two-day meeting. Copies of 23 of the presentations given at the meeting can be viewed by clicking on the images below.


01_edinburgh_sorace_130916_page_01Antonella Sorace: Bilingualism Matters Headquarters, Edinburgh, UK
Engaging non-academic audiences in bilingualism research: opportunities and challenges

02_konstanz_130916_page_01Monika Lindauer, Tanja Rinker: Zentrum für Mehrsprachigkeit, University of Konstanz, Germany

03_rijeka_130916_page_01Tihana Kras: Bilinguilism Matters, Rijeka, Croatia

04_netherlands_130916_page_01Anna de Graaf: Bilingualism Matters, The Netherlands

05_nantes_130916_page_01Jien Bark & Elizabeth Heredia: Bilinguilism Matters, Nantes, France

06_novagorica_130916_page_01Penka Stateva & Arthur Stepanov: Večjezičnost velja, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

07_basquecountry_130916_page_01Adam Zawiszewski: Bilingualism Matters, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, Spain

08_trento_130916_page_01Jan Casalicchio & Maria Vender: Bilinguismo conta, Trento and Verona, Italy


Øystein Vangsnes: Flere språk til flere, Tromsø, Norway


Marina Mattheoudakis: Me 2 glosses, Thessaloniki, Greece


Maria Teresa Guasti: Bilinguismo conta, Milano Bicocca, Italy


Theo Marinis & Ludovica Serratrice: Bilingualism Matters, Reading, UK


Valentina Carbonara: Bilinguismo conta, Siena, Italy


Anne Lingwall: Bilingualism Matters, Rutgers, USA


Tihana Kras: Bilinguilism Matters, Rijeka, Croatia
Tandem Language Programme


Monika Lindauer & Tanja Rinker: Zentrum für Mehrsprachigkeit, Konstanz, Germany
Collaboration with researchers


Karen Miller & Frances Blanchette: Bilingualism Matters, Penn State, USA
Activities for general public


Antonella Sorace: Bilingualism Matters Headquarters, Edinburgh, UK
Opportunità e sfide nella ricerca sul bilinguismo (Italian)


Local Stakeholder Presentation:
Delegate of the Ladin cultural Institute (Majon di Fascegn, Vigo di Fassa)


Local Stakeholder Presentation:
Delegate of the Mòcheno cultural Institute (Bersntoler Kulturinstitut, Palù del Fersina)


Local Stakeholder Presentation:
Delegate of the Ladin cultural Institute (Cesa de Jan, Colle S. Lucia)


Jan Casalicchio, Patrizia Cordin, Antonio Mattei: University of Trento
VinKo – “Varieties in Contact”


Fleur Verbiest: AThEME WP6 Dissemination Coordinator, Netherlands

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