Prof. Antonella Sorace discusses Sardinian language and education

Professor Antonella Sorace was recently interviewed by Italian newspaper L’Unione Sarda on the topic of Sardinian, a minority regional language spoken on the island of Sardinia. She explores the misconception that learning Sardinian will be detrimental to children’s education (where Italian is the dominant language).

Read a copy of the article (Italian language):Il bilinguismo? Fa bene al cervello

STV news discuss language learning and dementia

Scots living with dementia are being taught Spanish to help keep their minds active. The Lingo Flamingo project is based on research by the University of Edinburgh which shows learning a foreign language, even later in life, can help improve brain function.

Bilingualism Matters at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

On 13 February, Bilingualism Matters Director Prof. Antonella Sorace delivered a seminar to the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) – the world’s largest general scientific society. The seminar was titled “Bilingualism Matters” in recognition of the successful engagement programme that Prof. Sorace has helped to develop through the Edinburgh Centre and network of international Bilingualism Matters branches.

During the seminar, Prof. Sorace discussed ongoing research being carried out by experts at the University of Edinburgh’s Psychology and Linguistics departments. The research, focusing on the cognitive benefits of bilingualism, including in older learners – has been widely reported in the UK and international media.





Språkdagen 2015: Norwegian Language Conference

November 18 2015: Prof. Antonella Sorace was an invited speaker at this year’s Norwegian Language Conference, focusing on the theme of Language Diversity in Tomorrow’s Schools.

Prof Sorace spoke about the importance of multilingualism for business, from a UK perspective. The event was followed up by press coverage in national newspaper Dagbladet. You can read the full Norwegian article here


“The monoglot ceiling”: article in Financial Times

The Financial Times has published an article on multilingualism in business, citing Bilingualism Matters Director Prof. Antonella Sorace. The article follows on from last week’s Business Breakfast, hosted by the Financial Times and Pearson and featuring Prof. Sorace as part of a distinguished panel.

Read the full article here (subscription may be required)

Financial Times 2/12/2015

Pearson English have kindly made the video of Prof. Sorace’s presentation at the Business Breakfast event available online via their youtube chanel. Watch the video here.

The impact of bilingualism on cognitive outcome after stroke

Selection of media reports on research by Dr Thomas Bak on bilingualism and stroke recovery.
Alladi, S., Bak, T. H., Mekala, S., Rajan, A., Chaudhuri, J. R., Mioshi, E., … & Kaul, S. (2015). Impact of Bilingualism on Cognitive Outcome After Stroke. Stroke, STROKEAHA-115.





Dr Thomas Bak in podcast on dementia and bilingualism

Bilingualism Matters researcher Dr Thomas Bak, reader in human cognitive neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, was interviewed as part of a podcast about dementia and bilingualism.

The podcast “Dementia stole my grandmother’s memories – and our common language” is part of The World in Words’ weekly series by Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki.

Listen to the podcast on PRI’s website

1+2 languages policy in Edinburgh primary schools

Prof. Antonella Sorace comments on plans for all primary school children in Edinburgh to be learning two languages by 2017, ahead of the national 2020 deadline.

Edinburgh Evening News 13-Oct-2015

Language learning on Good Morning Scotland

Prof. Antonella Sorace discusses language learning in Scottish schools

Bilingualism Matters in the Guardian’s Case for Language Learning

Piece on multilingual families with advice from Bilingualism Matters’ director Prof. Antonella Sorace

The case for language learning